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Soma-Pain-O-Soma-Carisoprodol 500 MG

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Pain-o-soma 500 mg is a painkiller drug for the treatment of musculoskeletal disorder like muscle tremor, stiffness and tremor. Carisoprodol is a main active ingredient of this tablet. This medicine acts on the central nervous system and gives the relief from the muscle pain.This medicine exhibits its action by reducing the pain sensation between nerves to the brain. This medicine is also recommended to those patients who bear from the old injury and different types of musculoskeletal pain. This medicine exhibits its action within the 3 to 4 hours after ingestion so you may take this medicine two to three times in day. This medicine has least adverse effect compare to other pain relief drug.

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Pain-o-soma 500 mg is widely used as an analgesic drug for the relief of the skeletal muscle pain, muscle injury or muscular disorder. This medicine contains Carisoprodol as a chief active compound. The active chemical compound of this medicine is classified in the muscle relaxant group. Muscle relaxants are the medicine which influence skeletal muscles function and reduce the muscle tone. This medicine exhibits its acts by inhibiting the pain stimulation of nerve to the brain. This medicine is used as a short term therapy for three weeks. This medicine should take with one glass water. This medicine should be kept in cool and dry place.

Indications of Pain-O-Soma 500MG

Pain-o-Soma 500 mg is used for treatment of the musculoskeletal disorder such as muscle spasm, rigidity and tremor

Contraindications of Pain-o- Soma 500 MG

This medicine exhibit contraindication in following medical conditions which are described below

  • Allergic reaction
  • Phorphyria (Hereditary disease)
  • Children (below the age of 12 years)
  •  During Lactation

Drug interactions of Pain-o- Soma 500 MG

This medicine may interact with other medicines in the body. These drugs are given below

  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor; Fluvoxamine and Escitalopram
  • Opioid drug; Codeine and Morphine
  • benzodiazepine drug; Diazepam and Alprazolam
  • CNS depressants drug; Triprolidine and Methotrimeprazine
  • H-2 receptor blocker drug- Omeprazole and Pantoprazole
  • Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor; Fluvoxamine and Escitalopram
  • Anti tuberculosis drug; Rifampin and Isoniazide

Storage conditions of Pain-o- Soma 500 MG

This medicine should be stored at controlled room temperature and protect from high temperature and moisture. Please do not store any medicine after the expiry date.

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Pain-o- soma 500mg is a solid dosage form which is administrated by oral route. This medicine should be taken at a thrice time in a day. The dose of this medicine may be changed which is depends upon the patient efficacy and tolerability. This medicine may be taken with or without food. 

Missed dose of Pain-o- Soma 500 MG

Pain-o –soma 350mg gives a good therapeutic effect if you do not miss any dose of this medicine. If you missed any dose of this medicine then you consume this dose immediately but you near the next dose then you take this medicine as per your schedule and avoid double dose.

Overdose of Pain-o- Soma 500 MG

Please do not take overdose of this medicine because they produce serious sign and symptom in case of overdose which are hallucination, abnormality in vision, headache, dilated pupil, increase blinking, irregular breathing and increase sensitivity toward the light.

This medicine has less adverse effects compare to other drug of this group. The adverse effects of this medicine are dizziness, sickness, pain, mouth dryness, abdominal pain, irregular breathing and Constipation.

Very rare side effects are gastrointestinal tract irritation and flushing.

If you observed any other adverse effects after taken this medicine then you contact to your doctor.

 Prior taken of this medicine you must follow few precautions. These precautions are listed below;

  • Avoid this medicine if you have any allergic reaction to its active or inactive ingredients.
  • Do not take this medicine if you have a medical disease such as liver, renal and blood disease.
  • This medicine should not take with alcohol and alcohol beverage because these alcoholic beverages influence the action of this medicine.
  • This medicine demonstrates sleepiness property so you should not drive and walk or other operating mechanical work after taking this drug.
  • This medicine is not recommended to another person who exhibits the same sign and symptom of musculoskeletal disorder.