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Privacy Policy

We at drugpillstore.net value the privacy of our customers’ sensitive and confidential information. For this reason, we have set up a privacy policy in order to protect the personal information that our customers provide us.

Our privacy policy has been developed after taking into account the extreme sensitivity and importance of the products and services that we provide on our website. Some salient features of our privacy policy include the following:

Zero marketing mails

We follow a strict policy of not sending any product promotions or marketing emails to any of our customers. If we do send any emails to our customers, it is only for reasons related to a purchase that they made on our website, like an order confirmation email. We do send occasional mails to inform customers about any new services, products, or special offers on our website, but only if you provide permission during the signup process.

Full Confidentiality

All identification information about our customers, like their name, mailing address, email ID, credit card information, etc are asked for creating an account, which in turn is only required when the customer is placing an order. The information that we collect is kept safe and secure with the help of the latest anti-piracy measures and advanced technology. No third party will have access to this information under any circumstance.

Zero Spamming

Our privacy policy does not endorse or support unsolicited emails. As part of our policy, we do not deliberately reveal or sell your email ID to any third party for the purpose of sending unsolicited emails.