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Rexogin 50 Inj.- Winstrol 50mg Inj. - Stanozolol Inj.

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Rexogin 50 Inj.- Winstrol 50mg Inj. - Stanozolol Inj.

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Quick Overview

Rexogin is an active anabolic steroid. It contains Stanozolol which is a dihydrotestosterone derivative. Anabolic steroids assist to build up weak tissues due to serious injury or illness. Anabolic steroids work best with high protein and calorie diet. Stanozolol is an artificial steroid equivalent to natural steroid testosterone. 

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Rexogin is a parental drug used for the treatment of genetic angioedema, episodes of swelling of the face, extremities, genitals, bowel wall and throat. It can also be used to decrease the frequency and severity of attacks. It acts by replacing testosterone. It causes elevation in protein synthesis and elevation nitrogen retention.


Rexogin is indicated in patients having low testosterone. This drug is mainly utilized by the athletes and bodybuilders. It is mainly used for cutting cycles.  This drug is prescribed for angioedema, breast cancer and osteoporosis.  It is used to enhance appetite, weight gain and muscle strength. It is also prescribed to enhance blood cell formation in anaemia.


Contraindication is a condition in which a particular drug or treatment in not recommended. It may cause serious health problem. Rexogin is contraindicated in case of

  • Pregnant ladies because it may cause extreme side effects to the unborn baby.
  • Do not recommend this drug to the children below 18years.
  • If patent is allergic to Stanozolol or any other ingredient of Rexogin.


When two or more drugs are administered together they may interact with the activity of each other. This interaction may increase, decrease or sometimes changes the activity of required drug.  Rexogen shows interaction in case of

  • anticoagulant like warfarin
  • anti-diabetic drugs like insulin, Glipizide, Glyburide

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The recommended dose of Stanozolol is 30-80mg is injected once or a twice a week. Follow the schedule of drug not more than 6-8 weeks without prescription because it is a habit forming drug.


Overdose of Stanozolol may cause life threatening side effects. In case of overdose immediate seek medical help.

Missed dose

Always follow your regular schedule of medicine as prescribed by the doctor. If you have missed your dose in any case take it as soon as you remember. But if it’s a time near to your next dose then skip the missed dose and contact your health provider for new schedule.

Side effects are the unwanted effects of the drug that sometimes can be ignored but sometimes require serious medical help.

  • Some of the common side effects of Rexogin are hair loss, irregular menstruation, worsening acnes, insomnia, headache, alter in sexual urge.
  • some of the serious side effects of Rexogin are hypersensitive reaction, swelling of arms or legs or arms, frequent erection, breast enlargement, deepening of voice, facial hair growth, enlargement of the clitoris,
  • If you feel serious liver disorder immediately stop using this drug and contact your health provider.
  • Patients with a medical history of cardiac disorder, cardiac attack, high cholesterol, excess bleeding, diabetes, liver disorder, renal disorder, should be cautious while using this drug.
  • If you feel any type of allergic reaction after this drug seek immediate medical help.
  • If you feel symptoms like stomach ache, light or dark coloured stool, dark urine, unusual fatigue, nausea, vomiting, jaundice like symptoms, consult your health provider.