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Secure Shopping

Drug Pill Store is one of the renowned names in the field of online business in pharmacy. This is the sole reason responsible for its huge number of loyal and satisfied customers. The company has a firm hold in the market as it takes care of not only the products but also the customers. For successful business, the loyal towards our valuable clients is must.

For convince of the customer, Drugpillstore has a safe mode of payment called as Secure Payment.  The company pay utmost attention for the security of the payment that the customers pay after placing their order online.

Drug pill store do not share any personal or payment related option to any other person or any merchant.

We also provide a confirmation mail once the payment is done by the customer. It is beneficial in terms of avoiding any disputes.

The customers, if paying through their debit or credit card, need not tell their detail each and every time they place an order. They just need to confirm the last digits of their card.


100% Secured Shopping

We have more than 50,000 loyal and satisfied customers and we are proud of this staggering figure. Drugpillstore is the most trusted brand of US in online pharmacy. In regard to customers’ privacy protection policy we hold a very good repo among our customers. We make ensure excellent customers’ privacy protection policy.

Unlike our contemporary online pharmacies, we provide unique multilayer security through MacAfee and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

MacAfee makes website hacking-proof and protect website from virus attacks. Website of Drugpillstore is under rigorous surveillance by MacAfee to maintain highly secured payment.  No data of the cardholder is leaked or misused through Drugpillstore.

Drugpillstore follows high standard of customers’ data security. We ensure our checkout procedures are safe and fraud-proof. Drugpillstore is SSL Certified which ensures 100% secured customers’ confidential data over internet. SSL is a protocol which ensures transactions between web servers and browsers. The protocol uses a third party, a Certificate Authority (CA), to identify one end or both end of the transactions. Many websites use SSL protocol to secure areas of their sites with high security information, like at user account pages and online checkout.

Website under SSL certification has Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). It is a secure version of the Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (http). HTTPS allows secure e-commerce transactions, such as online money transaction.

When a customer will open www.drugpillstore.us in browsers like Internet Explorer or Firefox a padlock icon will be displayed to indicate that the website is secure. When a customer connects to a website via HTTPS, the website encrypts the session with a Digital Certificate. A user can tell if they are connected to a secure website if the website URL begins with https:// instead of http://.

Here at Drugpillstore we ensure that our customer information is kept in a very secure and protected way and there is no possibility of a third party using that information. Regular upgrades in the security system also go a long way in preventing any new threats that may affect the privacy of customers.

Payments are done by 100% secured means: eChecks and western union. Western Union Money Transfer is valid for customers all around world. On selection of western union mode of money transfer our customer care executive will send you the receiver detail within 5mins of placing an order. eCheck is valid