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Quick Overview

Retino cream helps to overcome the symptoms of Acne (pimples). Tretinoin is the main active constituents present in the Retino cream. Tretinoin is a form of vitamin A that helps in renovate of skin. Tretinoin is a topical medicament; it also provides smoothness to the human skin. This cream also reduces the fine wrinkles and mottled (spots) skin discoloration. This cream also cures from the dermatoheliosis (chronic burn).

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Retino cream is a topically active medicament helps to treat Acne vulgaris, prevent for the formation and spread of pimples, spots, whiteheads and blackheads. This cream also reduces visible signs of ageing on the face. Retino cream replaces the old damage skin into new skin. Tretinoin reduces the production of the oil from sebaceous gland or oil gland and rejuvenates the skin.  Retino cream is simply spreadable. Retino A cream serves several profits like removal of scars, elimination of spot and anti- aging cream.

 Indications of Retino A cream 0.1%                                                                

  • Retino cream also helps in the treatment of Acne (pimples).
  • Retino cream is also used in the management of Dermatoheliosis(chronic sunburn).

How to use Retino A cream 0.1%- This cream is only for external use. Before and after applying the cream, properly wash your hands and dry the affected area.  Do not apply this cream on the burned skin, wounds, dry, chapped or irritated skin. Apply the cream in the form of a thin uniform layer and gently massage. Don’t use any bandage to cover it. Do not apply near heat because Tretinoin is highly flammable in nature. Retino cream is generally applied at the night time.

Drug interactions of Retino A cream 0.1%

These are those medicines that adjust the effects of Retino A cream when they are applying in combination;

  • Never apply any other skin product that contains Benzoyl peroxide, Sulphur, Resinol and Salicylic acid.

Contraindications of Retino A cream 0.1%                         

 Retino A cream should not be applied in case of;

  • In the patient who are hypersensitive to Tretinoin or other components of the cream.
  • In the children below 12 years of the age.
  • Retino A gel is contraindicated in the injured skin, burnt or cut or lesion on the skin.

Storage of the Retino A cream 0.1%

The Retino A cream should be kept under below mentioned conditions;

  • Keep the Retino cream in cool and dry place.
  • Store the Retino cream below room temperature, i.e. 30 0C.
  • Stay away from contact to excess heat and freezing of the cream.
  • Remain it tightly closed while not in use.
  • Don’t put the cream in refrigerator.

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Missed Dose of Retino A cream 0.1%

If the patient missed a dose of Retino cream apply it as soon as you memorize. If it gets the time for the next dose then leave out it and move for your normal dose plan.

Overdose of Retino A cream 0.1%

Being a topical formulation there is an about the insignificant possibility of overdosing. If it happens there will be no any life threatening symptoms.

  • Common side effects appear while using Retino A cream -dryness of the skin, itching of skin, severe redness, swelling of skin.
  • Some severe side effects of Retino A cream are- feeling of burning sensation, redness, and peeling (cracking) of skin.

Follow some precautions while using Retino cream:

  • Always use sunscreen while going outside during the daytime, if you are using the cream outside.
  • Do not use any other cleanser, moisturizer, scrub or skin whitening cream on your face.
  • Avoid gets in touch with of Retino A cream with eyes, nose, and mouth.