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Ultram 200 MG - Tramadol 200 mg

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Ultram 200 mg is an oral prescription of the medication which is used as a remedy in the controlling of severe pain. This medication takes Tramadol as a main group. Tramadol contains as an analgesic property which is selecting to cure from the severe pain. This medicine is very low in cost.

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Ultram 200 mg is helping to cure from the pain so it is known as an analgesic drug. It comprises Tramadol which belongs to the category of strong opioid. It takes a narcotic property; this medicine is supportive to provide relief for small to heavy pain. This drug exerts their action by delaying the neurotransmission flanked by the nerves of the brain and reduces the assembly of prostaglandins hormone. These neurotransmission is important to link the signal of the pain to the brain. This medication delays the achievement of these neurotransmission and offers relief from the pain. It provides relief from the muscle discomfort and whole body pain like headache.


Ultram 200 mg is a very actual product which gives relief from muscle pain; this medication is useful in less or moderate pain.


In some situations this drug is dangerous to the patients:

  • If the patient is hypersensitive with any constituent present in this tablet.
  • This medication is not acceptable to consume by the pregnant women and breast feeding mothers.
  • This drug is not contraindicated for those patients who are suffering from these problems like kidney or liver disorders, asthma, seizures and hypertension and infection in spinal.
  • Those patients who are using other medications to cure from severe pain then no need to take this drug.
  • Patients who are addicted to alcohol is contraindicated this medicine.


Some drugs are altering the action of the Ultram 200 mg when take the Ultram with these medications which are mentioned below:

Butorphanol, Pentazocine, Warfarin, Digoxin, Cimetidine, Ranitidine, Isocarboxazid, Methylene Blue, and Procarbazine ketoconazole, fluconazole Miconazole, Diazepam, and Alprazolam 

STORAGE OF THE ULTRAM 200 mg Tramadol 200mg:

Place this drug at the room temperature. Protect it from the heat, moisture and direct sunlight. Do not place it in an open area, kept it in the airtight container.

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The dosage of Ultram is decided according to the age or diseases of the patient.

  • Patients having age between 17 to 64 years: the initial dose is 100mg in a day (25 mg four times a day) then increased and it became 200 mg (50 mg four times in a day)
  • Those patients who are suffering from cirrhosis are taking 50 mg dose in 12 hours.
  • Those patients who are above 65 years should be consuming less than 300mg per day.
  • Do not consume more than 400 mg dose in a day.


In the case of overdose these medical conditions are occurring like skin is cold, seizures, bradycardia, difficulty in the breathing, feeling of vomiting, pain in the chest, the heartbeat is becoming unbalanced, the pupil is becoming enlarged and skin rashes. In such situation immediately inform to your doctor.


Consume the missed dose as soon as possible; escape taking more than one dose at a same time.

Some side effects of Ultram 200 mg are faintness, difficulty in breathing, shaking, constipations, diarrhoea, feeling nervousness, tenderness occurs, rashes occur on the skin, severe headache, dizziness, blood pressure is becoming decreased, difficulty in the movement of eye, irritability, pain in the chest is also occurring, difficulty in the sleeping, blurred vision, , eye pupil becomes huge, lips become yellowish or blue, stiffness of muscles, unstable walk, face became warm or hot, heartbeat become unbalanced, weakness, uncomfortable throat, gland become swollen, burning on the skin, tiredness, flushing, and feeling of sickness, memory is become weak and confusion state is occurring.

Prior to the administration of the tablet, take these precautions which are mentioned below:

  • If the patients is consuming any herbal preparation.
  • Patient has asthma.
  • If the patient is suffering from these health problems like kidney disorder, liver damage, and seizures.
  • Avoid alcohol when you start taking this medication because it causes dizziness.
  • Escape drive while you take this drug.
  • If the patient is suffering from the phenylketonuria then no need to consume this drug.