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Vasodilan is used for the treatment of blood vessel diseases. This medicine can be used alone or in combination with some other medicines. It acts by extending the blood vessels to enhance blood flow in various parts of the body. This medicine can also help to treat the diseases like arteriosclerosis obliterans, Raynaud's disease, Buerger's disease, cerebrovascular insufficiency etc. Take this drug at the prescription of the doctor. Buy Vasodilan here in very reasonable prices.
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50 Tablets Isoxsuprine Hcl 10mg $31.99 $0.64
100 Tablets Isoxsuprine Hcl 10mg $59.99 $0.60
30 Tablets Isoxsuprine Hcl 20mg $14.99 $0.50
90 Tablets Isoxsuprine Hcl 20mg $37.99 $0.42
30 Tablets Isoxsuprine Hcl 40mg SR $50.99 $1.70
90 Tablets Isoxsuprine Hcl 40mg SR $151.99 $1.69
Isoxsuprine HCL is a peripheral vasodilator treatment that is used for the people who have poor blood circulation. Isoxsuprine HCL is helpful for raising the beta receptors in the body and produces vasodilation. It also rouses the general cardiac function of the body and relaxes the uterus. This medicine produces a boost in heart rate, heart contractibility and cardiac productivity. Doctors prescribe it in higher dosages for inhibit platelet aggregation and to reduce the thickness of blood. Isoxsuprine HCL is also useful for the treatment of rational vascular shortage; aterioscelerosis related peripheral vascular disease, Raynaud’s disease and thromboangitis. This medicine can also be used in dysmenorrheal treatment and as a medicine that put off untimely labor. Isoxsuprine HCL is not suggested for the condition when patient is suffering from arterial bleeding or if the patient is suffering from postpartum hopelessness.

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This medicine must be used under the direction of your doctor. You must avoid the overdose of it. If overdose is taken by you just contact to your doctor immediately or else it may cause a serious problem for you.
This medicine may have some side effects like fatigue, faintness, nausea, shakiness, sickness, tremble, hair loss and weight gain. If you feel any kind of side effects just call to your doctor. Sometimes it can also show you severe side effects.
You have to take this medicine only on the prescription of the doctor. Take the dosage according to doctor’s instructions. For better benefits, take this medicine at the same time daily. Do not give this medicine to some else who also has same signs or problem otherwise it will be risky for that person to use this medicine without the recommendation of the doctor.